Dreams, desires, hope, passion - all caught in a moment as we glide into the light. A rare glimpse of beauty in a dark and hostile world. Romantic isn't it?
But in reality life isn't always like that it's full of unexpected twists and turns with no guarantee of the outcome. So here I am, sharing my muse with you.

My early work focussed on the music of the late 60s & 70s with its psychedelic flavours and strange surrealist imagery. This had long held a fascination for me through my formative years, whether it was the poetry and music of Jim Morrison and the Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Joy Division, to name but a few.
These groups leant themselves to paintings and drawings, which for me expressed beautifully the darker side of the genre.

Recently I have rekindled my love for landscape painting, producing a series of waves and sunsets which explores the transience of light and its play on water. Something which is fleeting and ethereal, but ultimately beautiful; for after all life can be beautiful.

But enough of me, enjoy my work and in the words of the Grateful Dead "What a long strange trip its been."